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5 Ways to Sort Post-workout Soreness

When you’re new to working out, few experiences are more off-putting than a bout of post-workout muscle soreness. The immediate post-workout period is misleading; you don’t experience soreness straight away, which leads you to believe you’re getting an easy ride. Then perhaps the next day, or even the one after that, it kicks in with a vengeance.

doms_memeDrumming up the motivation to return to the gym is difficult when your aching muscles are making it difficult to even get out of your chair. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle soreness so you’re more motivated for your next session.

Stretch like your life depends on it

Did you stretch after your workout? And if you did, did you stretch in the right way? While the generic stretches you learned during PE at school were okay, they’re not a match for targeted stretching that’ll address specific muscle groups or sports activities. Do your research and find out which stretches will best benefit your workout.

Factor in rest periods and cool down days

Even the boffins don’t know for sure what causes the muscle soreness, the most popular theory is that your muscles experience small tears, which then repair over the next few days. While you can’t avoid such injuries if you want to progress, you can factor in rest periods and cool down days to ease the pain. Taking days off gives your body time to heal and it’s during rest periods (especially sleep) that you produce more growth hormone. Alternatively, you can try a cool down day where you just walk or swim….

Spotlight Sunday – Nicola House! “I have worn a skirt at work for the first time in 15 years, and I am looking forward to hitting the beach this year without worrying how I look!”

Unlike a lot of people my defining moment was not so much the outfits getting tighter or a terrible photo but making a snap decision to sign up to an extreme survival challenge and then realising that A/ I am too stubborn to change my mind and admit defeat and B/ I somehow missed the ‘must be very fit’ in the title.

So I found myself committed both financially and mentally to heading to the Arctic in February 2017 and there I was with something I had been missing previously – a target.

A little about me then – I’m 43, married with 2 tweens and working full-time in London which means I’m usually on a train at 6 something in the morning and not back home until 7 or beyond – not the best mix for a fitness regime or always eating healthily. My weekends are equally manic ferrying children in different directions and catching up with the housework – ‘me time’ has always played second fiddle.

Nicola Before and After

Spotlight Sunday – Kelie Williams! “I cope better with life now and with the kids, my body is healthy and strong and that is reflected in the other parts of me”

Sitting here, typing this, I can’t quite believe what I’ve lost; 20lbs, several inches and the wish to be invisible. More importantly I can’t believe what I’ve gained; strength – of all kinds – a fitness level that allows me to pull off my very best crazy lady dance moves without collapsing and a body that I genuinely never thought I’d see again.

Kelie Before and After

There were several cringe moments that started me on the path back to fitness, but this before photo sums it up in one shot really, I was out with my Mum and beautiful daughter, eating Tapas to celebrate her turning 6 months old and I thought I wasn’t looking too bad that day – I’d made an effort for once, put on a colourful top and scarf and had even found some clean leggings. But looking at the photo I realised not only was I bigger than I’d thought, but I didn’t put make up on anymore and I didn’t know how long my hair was because it only ever got washed and jammed into a Mum bun….

How to Burn Fat While You Sleep

I remember once many years ago watching a great video that properly illustrated the problem. In the video was two guys. One was on a treadmill, and the other had a slice of pizza.

Funny-Pizza-02Just one large one, this wasn’t man vs food or anything, but that slice of pizza was about 500-600 calories. Pretty standard.

The task at hand was pretty straight forward. The guy on the treadmill was going to run for the same amount of time the other guy ate his pizza slice.

So one was burning calories, the other ingesting them.

So off they went. One guy started chowing down on the pizza – Not fast, but not slow either, and the other guy went for it on the treadmill.

This was proper hell for leather too! He was sprinting, and if it was a cartoon, smoke would have been coming out of the treadmill belt.

It took the one guy about 2 minutes to get through the 500 odd calorie slice of pizza.

On the other hand, by sprinting for 2 minutes, the other guy had burned around 33 calories.

So the point was pretty obvious! You can take in 500 odd calories in about 2 minutes, but to burn that off, that 1 single slice of pizza, you would have to sprint for over 30 minutes. (And yes, it’s impossible to sprint for 30 minutes, but you get the point!)

In short, trying to burn off what you eat through exercise is a false economy.

Unless you’re an extreme endurance athlete, you’re never going to burn enough calories during exercise to make a dent.

However, there is a way to burn more, and that’s using a concept we call Afterburn.

Bootcamp is dead :-(

13321654_1073772549335745_6720899411017857265_nToday’s the day I finally close the doors on Bootcamp.

The decision comes with a heavy heart, but it’s something I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

The truth is, Bootcamp died several years ago, but we powered on with it like a dog with a bone.

You see, “Bootcamp” outside of the military refers to an “Intensive, immersive programme to get results quickly”. So in terms of a fat-loss or transformation camp, that would mean a complete programme of fat-loss specific workouts, eating plans, lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, group support… Like I said, a complete programme.

And that’s what we’ve always done with our Bootcamp.

We’ve never shouted at anyone, talked down to people, or told them to “Move your fat arse” because “That’s what they do in the military”.

But for a few years now, people have been putting on workouts that include a few squats, pushups, and planks, or anything they can use to create a military connection, no matter how tenuous, to piggy back on the term “Bootcamp”.

You can just drop-in to free “Bootcamps” in local parks, or nip down to your local leisure centre and join in a “Bootcamp” workout on an ad-hoc basis.

But of course all of those things are the opposite of what a Bootcamp programme is. An “Intensive, immersive programme to get results quickly”.

Without everything else that makes the programme complete, it’s just a workout.

That’s not what we do….

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