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3 Fat Burning Supplements That Are a Con

With summer coming and people looking for a quick fix, adverts for popular weight loss pills have started taking over our computer and TV screens again. But do they work?

Here’s 3 of the most popular weight loss supplements you’ll be able to find on the internet or in your local Worthing pharmacy or health food store that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Raspberry Ketones

raspberry_ketonesThese are very popular at the moment. If you haven’t heard of them through a dodgy looking Facebook ad, you may have seen them on Watchdog.

Although they’re a weight loss supplement, they’re most famous for making up fake celebrity endorsements and using microscopic print to con people into a credit card subscription.

Raspberry Ketones are found in raspberries (obviously) as the substance that gives them their aroma, and in a few other fruits as well. To actually extract ketones from raspberries is incredibly expensive though, and to get close to one dose you’d need over 40kg of raspberries! That’s why all raspberry ketones you can buy are synthetically made.

Here’s what they claim:

“Raspberry Ketone supplement is a magnificent compound that is known to regulate adiponectin, a protein that your body uses to control your metabolic rate. It can help your body to break down fat cells more effectively, meaning you could lose weight and body fat quicker. [ Raspberry ketone supplement ] Resulted in Shedding at least over 2 stone in Just 1 Month!”

Here’s the facts:…

Want Sexy Abs? Work These Muscles, Not Those Ones!

“Hands up who’s got a six pack?”

Last Saturday, I started my exclusive Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition seminar in Worthing with that very question. Seems simple enough, right?

Three people got it right, and out of those three, they got it right for the wrong reason!

So in the below video from that seminar, I’m going to explain to you exactly why they got it wrong, why you don’t have seriously sexy abs already, why most people never will because they’re working all the wrong muscles (ab crunches anyone?), and what muscles you should be working to fix all that!

And also what all this has to do with memory foam mattresses! (Watch it… You’ll see)…

Losing Weight by Breaking the Diet Mentality

Never go on a diet again!

If you take nothing else from this, read that sentence and apply it!


It’s a small, seemingly innocuous word, but what do you think it means? When people want to lose weight, “I’m on a diet” is the common phrase used. And that’s the exact reason most people fail. And here’s why.

I put that question to my Facebook fans recently and here’s the responses I got:

What do you notice?

They’re practically all negative.

Strong words like depression, miserable, deprivation.

I particularly love this one:

Jenni Bowden said a diet is, “A fight for something I’ll never achieve!”

Almost without exception, anyone who goes on a diet has already committed to failing. As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right

So how exactly are you supposed to succeed when you’ve already decided to fail?

How do we get past this negative outcome?…

Britain has the fattest women? Want to fight about it?

So the big news at the moment, so big that when I started typing this I’d only been up 3 hours but still had heard/read it on three different mediums in that time, is that Britain has the fattest women in Europe.

Thank you ministry of the bleeding obvious!

However, as someone who’s dedicated his life to helping these women get their life back, there’s a few things that annoyed me… Not about the news, but the way it was being represented.

So brace yourself, here comes a rant…


Warning: Although I’ll be censoring myself a little here, I’m not going out of my way, and it won’t take a genius to work out what I was trying to say. So if you’re offended by implied swearing, click away now!

Here we go….

A day in the life of a makeover (with video) with Personal Trainer, Worthing

I have three rules that I live by:

  1. Everyone deserves to feel special
  2. Hard work should be rewarded
  3. Don’t step on the cracks between the paving slabs or you’ll be eaten by the pavement troll

So when my awesome personal training client Sally reached a big milestone in her body transformation by losing 30lbs of the wobbly stuff (over 2 stone!), she got the ultimate in special treatment and she saw our crack (see what I did there…) team of experts to get a full makeover for the Christmas issue of Power Living Magazine.

And let me tell you, she looks AMAZING!

Seriously look!

Told you. Amazing!

Her star treatment actually lasted the whole week, so let me tell you from the beginning……

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