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Get serious. Get accountable.

I’ve just kicked off a new programme, and here’s something I wrote to the participants:

“I’ve been trialling a slightly more ‘hardcore’ version of this programme with members, and the results have been excellent. One person, for example, has lost two pounds short of a stone in less than 3 weeks!

What’s the big difference between this and most other plans?


I’ve always said you need to make yourself accountable if you want to reach your goals. It’s what separates successful people in all ventures from the rest of the pack.


Now, the programme I was referring to above kicked off 3 weeks ago, and to get in the participants had to agree to do 3 things:

  1. Set a solid goal
  2. Weigh-in every week and log the weigh-in so we can see they’re on track for their goal
  3. Log and post photos of what they’re eating in their private group every day
  4. Attend a team meeting every couple of weeks

When you’re that accountable to me and your team mates, losing 12 pounds of fat in 20 days suddenly makes sense!

Take away the accountability, and you can do anything.

  • You can snack when no-one’s looking.
  • You can slack off your eating plan because you had meetings all day.
  • You can skip your workout because you were a bit sniffly.

Turn yourself into a Fiery Fat Burning Furnace with this simple technique from Worthing fitness bootcamp

The “Fiery Fat Burning Furnace” technique will supercharge your exercise results!

Before I dive into the awesome video, which by the way  just by watching it will burn 20lbs of fat, make you richer, better looking, and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound (Disclaimer: I made that up. It will make you cooler by proxy though.), there’s still time to get your hands on a FREE iPad 2!

 Click this pic to find out how to get it!

25 No-Equipment Fat Busting Worthing Bootcamp Workouts

So first I want to say thanks for all the birthday wishes, presents, cards, and all that jazz. It was quite overwhelming, especially since I’ve only interacted with a lot of you through the weight loss solutions I post on this blog and in my Lean Living Chronicles email. It’s nice to know I’ve managed to connect with and help so many people that I’ve never even spoken to face to face!

Incidentally, if you have plans to eat out over the next few weeks you’ll find the chronicles issue just gone out particularly useful!

And also if you like pancakes. If you don’t you should. Pancakes are awesome. You’ll definitely like the pancake recipe. So check your inbox now if you haven’t yet!

The presents I emailed out to you over the last week also got a great reception. Especially the workout video I sent out on my Birthday last Wednesday.

So because of that, I thought I’d give you four alternatives using the same workout format in the video so you’re never stuck for a workout. In fact with the exercises in the video, you’ll actually have 25 possible workouts you can bash out by mixing and matching the exercises to your hearts content!…

Worthing Personal Trainer gets a sugar rush!

So there I was. Cat in one hand, and plate full of sugar in the other…

Wait… What? That’s how all good stories start isn’t it?

How about – So, hands up who’s seen a cat on a sugar high?

OK, let’s start again…

You’ll no doubt know by the amount of my videos that have been photo-bombed by one of my ginger-ninja furballs that I have cats. Two of them. I have rats too, but that’s a story for another day…

One of my cats is old and wise. The other is young and stupid. (It’s OK, she gets by on her looks.)

Said young cat has a, “I’ll try anything once, but rest assured I’ll kill you in your sleep if I don’t like it” attitude to food.

Enter the pile of sugar!…

Worthing and Sussex Weight Loss Coach explains what exercise really does and why you’re doing it wrong!

Exercise is possibly the most misunderstood part of getting in shape. If someone needs to lose weight, what’s the first thing they do?


Look out of your window on New Years Day. What do you see?

Runners. Tonnes of them!

Why? Because we need to burn calories to lose weight. Problem is, three weeks later 7 million of those runners have hung up their trainers because they’re not getting the results they want.

The reason for that is that if you’re doing exercise as a means to burn calories to get the fat off, you’ve already failed.

You’ll need to rack up HOURS of exercise to burn just ONE measly pound of fat!

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a job, a family, a social life. I don’t have several hours a day to exercise just to burn off one little pound.

So check out this video and I’ll explain the problem with exercising to burn calories, why despite putting in the hours you still can’t shift that stubborn belly flab, and how you should be exercising if you want to have any hope of changing your shape!…

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